Ownership & Leadership Transition

How to Survive Transition Shock in a Family Business

Otis Baskin, a consultant of the Family Business Consulting Group, recently authored a post in Family Business Magazine, reiterating the importance or preparation and planning in family business success. Mr. Baskin coined a new term, however, to describe that not-uncommon state of the unprepared family business facing succession issues: “transition ...

The Family Business Constitution

Posted by Omar Vasquez

Passing the Baton: Lessons Learned

Posted by Bill Weigand

How Long Is Too Long for a CEO?

Posted by Andrew Steen

Can I Leave My Family Business to a Minor Child?

Posted by Keith Baldwin & G. Matthew Loftin

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in 6 Generations

Posted by Margaret Vining

Governance & Business Operations

Joshua Green Corporation: Nominee for Family Business Legacy Award by Seattle Business Magazine

Congratulations to our client Joshua Green Corporation on being nominated for the 2017 Family Business Legacy Award by Seattle Business Magazine. Davis Wright has had the honor of representing the Joshua Green Corporation for over 25 years. Joshua Green Corporation had its beginnings in Washington State in the 1890s. It was actively ...

Tax Reform – Good or Bad for Family-Owned Businesses?

Posted by Bill Weigand

Sibling Rivalries: Turning Competition into Collaboration When it Comes to the Family Business

Posted by Gabriela López

Future Proofing Boards of Directors for Family Businesses

Posted by Jose Hernandez

To Sell or Not to Sell Your Business? That is NOT the Question

Posted by Bill Weigand & Brian Whitaker

What “Arrested Development” Teaches the Family Business

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Estate Planning

Don’t Leave Contaminated Real Property to Your Kids — A Toxic Legacy!

We invite your review of the linked article from Bloomberg BNA’s Environmental Due Diligence Guide Report™. There are dangers inherent in leaving your heirs real property that may have been contaminated at some time in the past, even if you and your business were not the source of the contamination. The ...

Estate Planning Strategies Driven by Interest Rates

Posted by James Flaggert

IRS and Treasury Department to Withdraw Proposed Tax Regulations Curbing Valuation Discounts

Posted by G. Matthew Loftin

Tips for Harmonious Joint Family Ownership of Vacation Properties

Posted by Dana Reid

Tribal Estate Planning: Nuance and Consequence

Posted by Andrew Steen

Be Careful with Living Trusts that Own S Corporation Stock

Posted by Doug Lloyd

Growth & Exit Strategies

Should a Family Business Consider an IPO as an Exit Strategy?

There are a multitude of ways to realize ownership transition–some simple, some complex, some a safe bet and some full of risks. For the ambitious, successful family-owned company that wants to make it to the big leagues, an initial public offering (IPO) as its succession planning tool, though unusual, may ...

ESOP: An Exit Strategy

Posted by Amy Hwang

Retirement is Coming: How to Broker Your Throne Away

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Mezzanine Financing for Family-Owned Businesses

Posted by Ashley Brown

New Ideas for Old School Companies

Posted by Mark Johnson

Event Recap: The 12 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Selling Your Business

Posted by Ashley Brown

Beyond Business

Joshua Green Corporations Wins the Heritage/Legacy Award

Congratulations to the Joshua Green Corporation for winning the Heritage/Legacy Award at the 2017 Washington Family Business Awards on December 7, 2017. Davis Wright Tremaine has had the privilege of representing the Joshua Green Corporation for decades as the family business has grown and diversified. Before a sold out crowd of ...

Upcoming: Henningsen Cold Storage: The challenges of leadership transition

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Joe Weinstein is the “Lawyer of the Year” for Family Business Law in Seattle

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Newest Travel Ban: The Intersection of “Family” and “Business” Relationships

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Upcoming: Financing Succession in the Family Business

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Event Recap: No Longer Just a Matter of Taste: Strategic Innovation in the Food Industry

Posted by Ashley Brown


She’s Right for the Job – Women in Family Business

Family businesses are increasingly encouraging women. Of family businesses surveyed, almost 60 percent have women in top management positions and over 30 percent list a female as the next successor. (Source). These important statistics show a trend of women acceding to leadership positions for which they are uniquely and acutely ...

Paid Family Leave in Washington: What You Need to Know

Posted by Mark Johnson

What Family Businesses Should Know about Washington’s New Paid Family Medical Leave Law

Posted by Ashley Brown

Social media research reveals insights for retaining top talent.

Posted by Kennard Noyes

Harder to Let Go?

Posted by Andrew Steen

The Cowles Company

Posted by Joseph Weinstein