Ownership & Leadership Transition

The Family Business Constitution

Family businesses are complicated, and the roles that family members play in them usually evolve from non-planned events and circumstances. When conflicts arise in a family business, they are often more complex and difficult to resolve than in a non-family business. A family business constitution is one way to address ...

Passing the Baton: Lessons Learned

Posted by Bill Weigand

How Long Is Too Long for a CEO?

Posted by Andrew Steen

Can I Leave My Family Business to a Minor Child?

Posted by Keith Baldwin & G. Matthew Loftin

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in 6 Generations

Posted by Margaret Vining

Success Requires Buy-In From The Incumbent Generation

Posted by Joseph Weinstein

Governance & Business Operations

Future Proofing Boards of Directors for Family Businesses

Michael Eisner, former CEO of Walt Disney, said it best that “management is not a science, it is an art.” But, not all art stands the test of time—and the composition of the board, and the way the directors manage a family owned business may very well determine whether that ...

To Sell or Not to Sell Your Business? That is NOT the Question

Posted by Bill Weigand & Brian Whitaker

What “Arrested Development” Teaches the Family Business

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Mom Let You Grow up to be a Cowhand, Now What? – Legacy Planning in Agricultural Industries

Posted by Ashley Brown

Beyond Succession; Opening a Discourse About Inheritance

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Family Business – The Key to Surviving Generations

Posted by Andrew Steen

Estate Planning

IRS and Treasury Department to Withdraw Proposed Tax Regulations Curbing Valuation Discounts

In a positive development for closely-held business owners and their families, the Treasury Department recently recommended the complete withdrawal of its proposed tax regulations that would have severely limited the application of valuation discounts to transfers of partial interests in family businesses and other assets for gift, estate, and generation-skipping ...

Tips for Harmonious Joint Family Ownership of Vacation Properties

Posted by Dana Reid

Tribal Estate Planning: Nuance and Consequence

Posted by Andrew Steen

Be Careful with Living Trusts that Own S Corporation Stock

Posted by Doug Lloyd

Succession & Estate Planning Fundamentals for Business Owners

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Plan to Communicate

Posted by Margaret Vining

Growth & Exit Strategies

ESOP: An Exit Strategy

One way for business owners to transition their ownership to their employees and to receive liquidity for their shares is through the creation of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). According to the National Center for Employee Ownership, there are almost 7,000 ESOPs with roughly 14.1 million participants in the ...

Retirement is Coming: How to Broker Your Throne Away

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Mezzanine Financing for Family-Owned Businesses

Posted by Ashley Brown

New Ideas for Old School Companies

Posted by Mark Johnson

Event Recap: The 12 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Selling Your Business

Posted by Ashley Brown

Lessons Learned in Selling the Family Business

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Beyond Business

Upcoming: Henningsen Cold Storage: The challenges of leadership transition

What are the opportunities and pitfalls with leadership succession in a family business? Join Mike Henningsen Jr., President & Chairman of the Board; Paul Henningsen, Chief Operating Officer; Tony Lucarelli, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing; and Pat Green, board member and estate and business planning lawyer, to discuss successful and ...

Joe Weinstein is the “Lawyer of the Year” for Family Business Law in Seattle

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Newest Travel Ban: The Intersection of “Family” and “Business” Relationships

Posted by Keith Baldwin

Upcoming: Financing Succession in the Family Business

Posted by Davis Wright Tremaine

Event Recap: No Longer Just a Matter of Taste: Strategic Innovation in the Food Industry

Posted by Ashley Brown

Upcoming: Passing The Baton: Transitions In Family Business

Posted by Joseph Weinstein


Paid Family Leave in Washington: What You Need to Know

On July 5, 2017 Governor Jay Inslee signed into law Washington’s new paid family and medical leave measure, making Washington the fifth state to create a paid family leave program – one that is fairly described as one of the most generous in the nation. While employers and employees won’t be ...

What Family Businesses Should Know about Washington’s New Paid Family Medical Leave Law

Posted by Ashley Brown

Social media research reveals insights for retaining top talent.

Posted by Kennard Noyes

Harder to Let Go?

Posted by Andrew Steen

The Cowles Company

Posted by Joseph Weinstein

Does “Hobby Lobby” Apply to My Family Business?

Posted by Andrew Steen